Friday, November 21, 2008

My photography sessions

hey hey!

Haven't been posting lately so ya, here to keep it alive^^ Alright, today's post will be featuring some of my photography works.

The topic for this assignment was ' Architecture', so here i have here the famous Petronas Twin towers but inverted form ^^. It rained heavily that evening so i thought i wouldn't get any great shots but lucky me. Walked around and saw this great image of the building :-)

Another picture of the same topic i shot, the Spinx of Sunway Pyramid.

The surprising view from the top of mentari court at dawn! Love the colour combination and the long trail lights by the traffic. Had to do a few shots because i left my tripod :P but it came out alright.

Haha, i love this snail picture! Took it near sunway lagoon's bushes :P the colour contrast between the snail's shell and the greens is pretty cool ^^

Alrighty, more posts to come! Hope you all enjoy it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Marker Rendering ^^

Hello thy spider web infested blog!

I was thinking it's about time to put some stuff on but just never did. Anyway, here's some of my marker rendering work I did during my 2nd year 2nd term (Boon tiong and Siau Fan's class XD )
Haaa...The Tiger Beer Glass~ Spend quite some time doing it, but it's very enjoyable. This was done using markers only. ( Pfft..i always thought markers were for kids colouring materials)

Another piece, the Cherry Lemon Dessert! Yummm!

I really enjoy doing marker rendering especially when it's still life :) Please feel free to comment and will be posting more soon~! ^^

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muahaha~ My first blog!

Hi hi!
here's my new blog! Will be posting some of my work so feel free to drop comments!